Insurance Inspections Services

Illustration of an exterior home inspection highlighting structural integrity, roofing, and foundation.

4-Point Inspection

Roof / Plumbing / HVAC / Electrical

Our 4-Point Insurance Inspections Services have us photographing four key parts of the home. This visual inspection is crucial in verifying your home’s compliance with your carrier’s insurance underwriting guidelines. The process begins with the inspector examining the exterior of the home, then taking photographs of the roof, A/C unit, and electrical panel. After this, they will move inside to capture images of the interior A/C unit, interior electrical panel, water heater, and the plumbing at the sinks/toilets, providing a thorough examination of your home’s essential systems.

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Wind Mitigation graphic

Wind Mitigation

This inspection opens the door to Discounts. Thanks to its establishment by the state of Florida, all insurance companies are required to accept this form, and importantly, it remains valid for five years. During your appointment, we’ll collect photos and information on how your home was constructed and any modifications made over the years, all aimed at identifying potential savings for you. With seven total discounts available, schedule your appointment now to discover how many you can take advantage of!

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4-Point and Wind Mitigation Image of a home showing a cut away with areas highlighted

Combination Inspection

Any of our inspections can be performed together. When you choose to bundle our services, we’re able to significantly cut down on our costs, such as fuel and time spent on the road. As a result, we pass the savings we achieve directly onto you.

This means you could save $50-100 just on the cost of our report.

Furthermore, you can bundle any three of our inspections together, with the 4-Point and Wind Mitigation combination being the most commonly requested.

Standalone Roof Certification

Roof Certification

This inspection determines the Roof’s Life Expectancy and Condition, a crucial step often requested by your insurance carrier when there’s a concern about the roof’s age or condition. In some cases, your carrier may also require conducting this inspection alongside one or all of our other Insurance Inspection Services.

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