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Roof Certification 
Learn more in this Illustration of a house with a cutaway roof showing layers, surrounded by wind mitigation symbols, indicating protection measures.

Wind Mitigation

A Wind Mitigation Inspection is an insurance discount form. It verifies construction methodologies that provide greater protection from wind-borne hurricane damage. Being created by the state of Florida means all insurance companies have to honor this form.
Illustration of an exterior home inspection highlighting structural integrity, roofing, and foundation.

4-Point Inspection

During this inspection we review your Roof / Plumbing / HVAC / Electrical, these are the main systems the insurance is concerned about. If you need to schedule a 4-Point for Citizens Property Insurance please click here Citizens 4-Point.

Standalone Roof Certification

Roof Certification

A Roof Certification is a limited visual inspection of the roof covering (for insurance purposes) from the roof deck, ladder or ground.

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